Red Card Top 25- Week 12

Welcome back to the Top 25 everyone! After last weeks slew of upsets, you will see a much different set of rankings this week.

Before we get into the Top 25, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Im extremely grateful and thankful to have you, the reader, decide to stop by and read this little project of mine. I appreciate all the support and comments that make this thing fun to do.

Not Wide Right.

  1. LSU. Guess what? LSU gets to play another Top 5 team this week in Arkansas. Luckily, they have this one at home.
  2. Alabama. The Tide have to travel to Auburn to play in the Iron Bowl this weekend.
  3. Arkansas. This could be Arkansas shot to play in the National Championship. Beat LSU, and it could happen.
  4. Stanford. The Cardinal need to play better this week against Notre Dame to garner attention for the National Championship again.
  5. Oklahoma St. After falling at Iowa St., the ‘Pokes need some luck and a huge win over Oklahoma to have a chance at the National Championship.
  6. Virginia Tech. I dont know what to make of this squad. They are ranked this high almost by default.
  7. Houston. We will find out how good Houston is this week against Tulsa.
  8. Boise St. A strong comeback win over San Diego St. last week helped ease the pain of the TCU loss.
  9. USC. The Trojans cant be ranked by the BCS, but they are playing damn good football right now, ask Oregon.
  10. Oklahoma. The Sooners lost another heartbreaker last Saturday at Baylor, another team they were heavy favorites over. What is going on in Norman?
  11. Oregon. The Ducks blew a huge chance in Eugene last week. We learned last year that they need to get more physical as a team to compliment their immense speed.
  12. Georgia. Lets be honest, the Bulldogs win over Kentucky was sloppy. But, they clinched a berth to the SEC Championship, so all is good in Athens. Up next: at Georgia Tech.
  13. Michigan. Oh man, Michigan has really looked good the last three weeks. They host eternal enemy Ohio St. this week, so look for a little extra from Denard Robinson and Co.
  14. Kansas St. This year K-State has beaten every team from Texas in the Big XII. That is impressive.
  15. Michigan St. The Spartans will represent the Legends division in the B1G Championship. Look for them to use this weekends game against Northwestern as a tune-up.
  16. South Carolina. After a nice win against Citidel, the Gamecocks host their in-state rival Clemson. Look for a lot of fire coming out of this game.
  17. Wisconsin. Well, their 2011 B1G campaign comes down to their Senior Day against Penn St. Win, and they represent the Leaders division in the championship game. Lose, and consider this season a failure.
  18. Clemson. Whoa, what the heck happened to this team against North Carolina St.? Terrible loss.
  19. Baylor. Their win against Oklahoma was as impressive as a win as Baylor has ever had. Great play by RGIII and the Bears offense.
  20. Penn St. Much like Wisconsin, their season will hinge on if they can go into Camp Randall and beat the Badgers.
  21. TCU. The Horned Frogs have consistently gotten better throughout the year. They are playing as tough as any team in the country right now.
  22. Notre Dame. The Irish have a big chance to make the next step in their progression this week if they can beat Stanford on the road.
  23. Virginia. The Cavaliers are 8-3?! When did this happen? They host rival Virginia Tech this week.
  24. Georgia Tech. The Wramblin’ Wreck host bitter rival Georgia this week. Thats all that needs to be said.
  25. West Virginia. They make the Top 25 for lack of another team to put here.

RGIII and his heroics vaulted him back into the Heisman race.

Heisman Contenders:
  • Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford. For the time being, Andrew Luck still remains #1 on the list. He has had 2 lackluster performances in a row, but if he can finish the season strong, I would bet on him wrapping up the stiff arm trophy.
  • Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama. As Luck continues to slip, Trent Richardson’s chances continue to get better and better. Not only does he play on the #2 team in the nation, but he has consistently been that teams best player. The trophy could be his if he has a statement game against Auburn.
  • Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor. This man could steal the trophy from under both Luck and Richardson’s noses with 2 more strong games against Texas Tech and Texas. His throw to beat Oklahoma was as clutch as any play this season.
Other contenders: Matt Barkley, QB, USC; Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma St.; LaMichael James, RB, Oregon

Can LSU finish the job against #3 Arkansas?

Games of the Week (rankings based on BCS)
  • #3 Arkansas at #1 LSU. Oh look, LSU gets to play another Top 5 opponent this year! Frankly, their schedule is absolutely ridiculous. If they get past Arkansas this week I don’t see how anybody will beat them the rest of the year. Look for Arkansas to put up a strong fight in this one, but for LSU to take over in the 4th quarter. Prediction: LSU 24-17. Confidence: 8.
  • #13 Georgia at #23 Georgia Tech. The Battle of Georgia is always an entertaining game to watch. Braggin’ rights will be on the line with this game, even though they play in different conferences. Georgia will look to take momentum into the SEC Championship, while Georgia Tech is playing for bowl positioning. Stopping Georgia Tech’s triple option offense is hard, but Georgia definitely has the athletes on defense to do it. Prediction: Georgia 38-31. Confidence: 7.
  • #19 Penn St. at #16 Wisconsin. Well folks, the Leaders division comes down to this game between the preseason favorite Badgers and the resilient, scrappy Nittany Lions. The key to this game will be Penn St.’s front 7 on defense. If they are able to stop the run, they might give their struggling offense a chance to win this game. If not, look for a Wisconsin win. Prediction: Wisconsin 31-17. Confidence: 8.
  • #17 Clemson at #12 South Carolina. This Palmetto State clash should be pretty entertaining. Clemson faltered last week at North Carolina St.- so they will be looking for momentum going into the ACC Championship with Virginia Tech. South Carolina is looking to end the regular season strong and end up in a nice bowl game. Both teams hate each other, so look for some feisty play. Prediction: Clemson 28-24. Confidence: 5.
  • #22 Notre Dame at #6 Stanford. After the slew of upsets last week, Stanford could end up back in the National Title game with a little more BCS chaos. They will need to take care of business against a steadily improving Notre Dame squad this week though, which could be more difficult than originally thought. Prediction: Stanford 28-17. Condfidence: 6.
Other games to watch: #2 Alabama at #24 Auburn, #5 Virginia Tech at Virginia, Ohio St. at #15 Michigan, Iowa at #22 Nebraska, #8 Houston at Tulsa

Time to re-evaluate "the process", Bo.

  • To Nebraska Coach Bo Pelini: RED CARD. Look coach, there are critics everywhere, I get that. My criticism is that the program as a whole has not moved forward since the end of 2009. I enjoy your passion for your players and the game, but this “us against the world” mentality has worn thin on a lot of fans. Once you win a championship, feel free to tell me to shut up, but until then- its time to make some big time changes in your approach to help the program move forward.
  • To Florida St.: RED CARD. 2 words: Wide. Left.
  • To Oklahoma’s pass defense: RED CARD. How on Earth did you not cover anybody in a Baylor shirt last week? RGIII was just throwing up passes because he knew that there wasnt an OU defender within 5 yards.
  • To Oregon: RED CARD. There was your chance to get back in the National Championship discussion, and you blew it.
  • To Oklahoma St.: RED CARD. See Oregon. ^
  • To Clemson: RED CARD. Did you bother to get off the bus last week? No. Ok, that makes much more sense.
  • To Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel: RED CARD. Call a cab, coach.